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As a club sport at Cal Poly SLO, we have created a team that focuses on not only the love of the sport, but the commitment that it takes to be a strong group. The experience from this team is full of fun tournaments, team bonding, practice, and lifelong friends. This is a safe space that is actively inclusive and we like to build a proud community of athletes that all have the drive to improve, to grow, and to win!

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Our Values

From a players perspective!


"Cal Poly Women's Water polo club demonstrates active inclusivity whether that's in or out of the pool creating an environment that encourages everyone to get involved. The team has given equal opportunity and encouragement to get involved with Water Polo on campus." (Sydney Spencer, 23rd Year)

"The Cal Poly women's water polo club welcomes people of all backgrounds! Our variety of social events and team bonding activities creates an inclusive social atmosphere, and our fundraising throughout the year keeps our team as fiscally inclusive as possible. Although our team is focused, driven, and dedicated, we put personal wellbeing above competition, which creates a well balanced, inclusive, and fun team culture!" (Nicole Cottman, 4th Year)


“I love that Cal Poly water polo family focuses on commitment. It’s great being surrounded by athletes who want

to work hard and compete at the highest level. I also love knowing I have friends who will always support me outside of the pool.” (Brooke Imamoto, 3rd Year)

“Cal Poly Women’s Water Polo team has been an amazing experience. By going to practice everyday, I have

been able to form bonds with people who bring out the best in me as well as have a more fun and positive

outlook on my life inside and outside of school.” (Alex Kuesel, 4th Year)

"Cal Poly Women’s Club Water Polo has instilled in me the importance of commitment in and out of the pool. During the season, you learn to commit not only to the daily practices, but also to keeping up your studies and other responsibilities in order to always put your best self forward for the team. Joining this team has made me a better student, athlete, and all around human." (Lauren Tilley, Alumni)


"CP polo has created an environment that  transcended my expectations for the team. I feel that I can turn to almost any person on the team for help, advice, or just to have a good time. Even with the players I don’t know as well there is an easy sort of bond where I know they would always have my back as my teammate." (Dean Weller, Graduate Student)

“This team has been the best experience at Cal Poly. Someone told me my first year as I was moving in and I was nervous about living away from my family and that I would find my college family - this team is my college family. So grateful for all the fun and hard work this group of people pulls off.” (Sophia Brookes, 3rd Year)

“From the first day of preseason freshman year, I felt instantly accepted. This gave me confidence in my abilities and helped me ease into the new college environment away from home. Looking back on my experience so far, I’m so thankful for the community that is our team, as I have met some of my best friends who have helped to shape me into the person I am today.” (Makenzie Allen, Alumni)


"Poly polo is a group of women who are deeply rooted in camaraderie, academics and athletics. From daily practices, to weekend tournaments, to team socials, this club is an outlet for our team to make friends, participate in long standing traditions, and scrimmage with girls who also have a love for aquatics and this incredible sport. I find myself working harder during the day because I know I will have an opportunity at night to get in the water and throw around a polo ball with girls who feel like a family to me!" (Emily Wolfert, 4th Year)

"I love poly polo because of how close you get with everyone on the team and how much fun practices, tournaments, and social events are! You get to know everyone so well at practice and everyone always brings such a great attitude where we are able to work hard and have a ton of fun each night. Outside of practices we also have a lot of fun with team dinners, hikes, and other social events where all the members get to know each other even more!" ( Roxy Jackson-Gain, Alumni)

"As an incoming freshman I had so much on my mind being in a new school, city, and environment, but found a home and comforting community amongst the girls on the cal poly club water polo team. even despite the age gap or difference in team I still felt welcomed and valued by each and every player. the team camaraderie i found with this club and with the girls that shared my passion for water polo made my freshman year one i will never forget!" (Jane Dormady, 3rd Year)

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